Queen’s iconic live performance vocalist Adam Lambert‘s ex-boyfriend Javi Costa Polo, recently talked about his relationship with Lambert and cherished the days they spent together, during an interview with Luxuria Lifestyle.

Adam Lambert has been collaborating with Queen since 2011 and has been a part of their worldwide tours from 2014 until 2020. Even though Adam Lambert is clearly a person who is concentrated on his career as a musician, it seems like he had some spare time for love.

As you may remember, influencer Javi Costa Polo and Adam Lambert had been dating for a while until they broke up in November 2019. Javi Costa Polo shared the news about their break-up on his Instagram account and you can click here if you want to refresh your memory.

The couple’s breakup was very civil and filled with mutual love and understanding, which is the reason why it seems like the two have kept in touch. During a recent interview, Javi Costa Polo talked about his relationship with Adam Lambert and cherished the good days they spent together.

Javi Costa Polo said that he always felt like there was a deeper meaning to why he had to be in the United States and he understood that he was right when he met Adam Lambert. Even though his years in Denver were really hard, meeting Adam Lambert in L.A. was apparently worth all the trouble.

Javi Costa Polo says that what he felt with Adam was happiness, comfort, excitement. Being with Adam helped him make sense out of everything and experience a lot of new things. It seems like Javi Costa Polo has nothing but good memories to remember from his relationship with Adam Lambert.

When the interviewer asked Javi Costa Polo about whether going to Denver to study international business was the right choice for him, Javi answered:

“I think it was the right choice. I’ve always thought, there was a deeper reason, why I had to be in the United States. That deeper reason came when I met Adam [Lambert]. Then I understood, this is the reason why. My years in Denver were pretty hard. When I moved to L.A. and met Adam in the first month and experienced everything, I was just so happy. I met so many wonderful people. Everything kind of had a sense.”

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