Adam Lambert’s former boyfriend and very-well known model in Spain, Javi Costa Polo, shared a new photo on his verified Instagram page and showed how handsome he is with his tight blue jeans.

As you will check out the post right below, one of the users who pushed to the ‘like’ button was Javi’s ex-boyfriend and a current fronting icon of Queen, Adam Lambert. So, it’s so easy to say that Adam is still stalking Javi.

Here is the caption which Javi Costa Polo wrote:

“You know you’re beautiful. But that ain’t half the gold treasure in your soul that you got💋 📸 @_diango week finally coming to an end, how are you holding up? Sending some love 💕”

An Instagram user named netherlandsfanmail made the most-liked comment under the post:

“Hi Javi, very nice pictures, looking good! You were talking about doing a master study. I think you should do! It will give you so many more opportunities in the future to choose an interesting job.

You are so young and I think smart enough to succeed 😊. Go for it👨‍🎓. But promise you will never stop posting these beautiful photos 😜❤❤”

Another Instagram personality named edaneaglam wrote this:

“I agree with you Javi a wonderful personality is more important (and You have it 😘). I start my week of holidays tomorrow in the afternoon, yeah!”

You can check out the photo below.