Queen star Adam Lambert posted a new photo on his official Instagram page and shared the astonishing moments he had with his long-time friends, Jasonsky and Maxwell Poth.

As you might check out the caption of the current frontman of Queen below, he chose not to write anything besides the user names of his friends.

Here is the caption:


An Instagram user named brent_allen_caputo commented and said that:

“Look who is in the middle. Aww. 🙌👏 hope your day is wonderful.”

Another user, shellstar79 wrote this:

“Are you all taking part in November this year or do you all just like mustaches? 🤔”

Laurenmariehutton3 shared his thoughts:

“Hotties! You All Look So Good! Slayage! 🔥Love You! ❤️ @adamlambert @jskystyle @maxwellpoth”

Check out the photo of Lambert below.

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