Queen’s current frontman, Adam Lambert shared a recent Instagram post of his photo mashup drinking a famous tequila, Clase Azul.

Adam also added his upcoming solo album’s name, “Verde” which he calls the best album he’s ever made.

Here is what Adam wrote on the caption:

“Clase Azul… Verde 🤑”

A fan commented:

“He’s speaking Spanish I’m gonna cry”

Another fan said:

“So that’s what he drinks to get so pretty 👀”

You can see the photo below.

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Clase Azul… Verde 🤑

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Yesterday, we published another article that Adam Lambert answered lots of questions of Noisey Vice, from his favorite childhood cartoon to his favorite Queen of all time.

As Adam putting Velvet as the best album ever, he picked Cleopatra as best queen ever, over Mary and Catherine The Great.

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