Queen‘s iconic fronting member Adam Lambert announced the word he used to describe a shared situation was added to the Urban dictionary and explained the meaning in an interview.

Back in 2016, the talented Queen vocalist Adam Lambert joined a conversation with iHeartRadio Australia and talked about his solo album. Additionally, Adam revealed the meanings behind his mysterious tweets. The interviewer asked specifically the meaning of a word, ‘Flobbing,’ Adam used to describe the way some girl having a drink.

During the interview, Adam explained the meaning of ‘flobbing’ as:

“This is really important. For years, I used to find it really funny when you in a restaurant with friends and everybody got their drinks with straws in them. You know the thing when you are talking and have your drink you try to drink but you are not paying attention so you are searching for the straw with your tongue.

I was with my friends and I was like ‘What is it called?’ but there is no name for it. No one has invented a term for that. So we called ‘flobbing‘.”

Recently on Twitter, Adam Lambert announced that his term for this common situation of searching for a straw while trying to focus on the conversation, flobbing, was officially added to the Urban Dictionary.

Here’s how Urban Dictionary described the word Adam Lambert invented:

“Flobbing: Adam Lambert’s word for when you are talking to someone and looking for your straw with your tongue while not breaking eye contact with said person.”

Additionally, the dictionary gave an example to show how to use the word flobbing in a sentence:

“He was sitting there flobbing mid-conversation.”

You can see the tweet posted by Adam Lambert on his Twitter account below.