Maroon 5’s talented frontman, Adam Levine, recently posted a series of videos on his Instagram account and excited millions of Maroon 5 fans with his latest news considering the band’s new album.

As you might remember, Maroon 5 had to postpone the tour dates that they had announced in 2019 for 2020 due to COVID-19. In July, the band had announced their new tour dates for 2021 which excited their fans as they have been waiting both for a new album and the chance to see their favorite band live.

With his latest Instagram story series, Adam Levine excited Maroon 5 fans even more as he officially announced that they will be releasing a new album next year. It was already known that Maroon 5 was working on a new album but they had previously said that they are taking their time with it.

However, in his recent videos, Adam Levine said that their album will be released next year and that they are also working on a single, and then he went on to say ‘singles‘ but he interrupted himself with a ‘bupbupbup.’ Levine also said that they just delivered the album and that it’s ‘coming soon.’

Adam Levine also said that the new album is going to have something for everyone. He stated that even the people who hate their band are going to like their new album and as for those who already like them, they are going to love them even more.

He said multiple times that he is extremely excited about Maroon 5’s new album, their single, and of course getting back on the road. Adam also mentioned that even though it is a mere dream right now, he keeps his fingers crossed because he has definitely missed being on stage for their fans.

Here’s what Adam Levine said in the video:

“Hey, kids so I’m gonna start to talk about the things that are happening with me, I think I should do that every once in a while. We have an album coming out next year, I’m super fucking excited about it. I think it’s great. We have a single, singles [bupbupbup].

Just in general I’m really excited, excited for us to get back on the road. It’s a dream, a meditation. It’s not a reality yet but I think it will be in the near future, keeping my fingers crossed. Wanna come out and play shows for everybody, do our thing. Album coming soon, just delivered it. Super excited, can’t fucking wait.

Even if you hate our band you’re gonna like this one. And if you love us you’re gonna love it. So that means everybody’s gonna love it.”

You can check out the stories that Adam Levine posted on his Instagram account below.