Maroon 5’s talented frontman, Adam Levine, recently posted a story with his brother Sam on his Instagram account and demonstrated how talented he was not just in music but in basketball too.

Adam Levine is known for his successful performances as a musician and also, his ripped body. He has often received questions considering his physique and his workout routine, which he has never left unanswered.

Just some days ago, Levine posted a story on his Instagram doing yoga and said that it helps him balance himself. Just some hours ago, Adam Levine posted another two stories of himself playing basketball with some friends and his brother Sam Levine.

To say the least, Adam is killing it and it looks like he could have become a basketball player if it were not for his music career. He shared the first video from the game he joined last year, in which he shoots a pretty good basket, with the inscription ‘teaching Sam Levine some shit.’

The second story is of Adam Levine passing the ball to a teammate and almost hitting his brother’s head. Even though the pass is amazing, Adam found it appropriate to share the video with the inscription ‘and taking his head off.’

Adam’s sportive and funny throwback with his brother definitely brought a smile to his followers’ faces. It might have also given them an idea of how active Adam Levine is in his daily life and how this contributes to his stunning body.

This is what Adam Levine said in his first story:

“One year ago, teaching Sam Levine some shit.”

Here’s what he wrote in his second video:

“And almost taking his head off. Sorry, bro.”

You can watch the story that Adam Levine posted on his Instagram account below.