Maroon 5’s talented frontman, Adam Levine, recently posted a story on his Instagram account and warned his followers by telling them to be careful when listening to Depeche Mode as they may end up like him.

As you probably know, Adam Levine enjoys using his Instagram account to share sneak peeks from his daily life, express his personal views on social and political matters, and reveal his views on music.

Recently, he posted a story from where seems to be his tattoo artists’ studio, in which he is seen holding his head on his hands. It is not clear whether he is in distress or just chilling but his caption made his pose a bit more clear.

In his recent Instagram story, Adam Levine warned his fans and told them that they may end up like him if they listen to too much ‘Depeche Mode.’ As you probably know, Depeche Mode is one of the most successful and well-known electronic music bands of all time, and it was formed in Basildon, Essex (United Kingdom) in 1980.

Depeche Mode was named the 10th most successful ‘dance club artist of all time’ by Billboard in December 2016. The world-famous electronic music band was also nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame both in 2017 and 2018.

Even though they are an amazing band combining electronic and rock music, it seems like listening to them for a long time stressed Adam Levine out. Their songs are brilliant but listening to them for a while may put the listener to an interesting loop and even cause them to trip a little.

This is what seems to have happened with Levine who tagged his tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko in his story and called him a ‘boy genius.’ Thus, it seems like it was Nathan’s idea to go full-on Depeche Mode, but it is unclear how happy this decision made Adam Levine.

Here’s what Adam Levine wrote on the photo he posted as a story on his Instagram account:

Warning: Don’t listen to too much Depeche Mode. You could wind up like this… Am I right boy genius, Nathan Kostechko?”

You can check out the story that Adam Levine posted on his Instagram account below.

Photo Credit – Adam Levine – Instagram