The co-founder and former frontman of Behemoth, Adam Nergal Darski, recently posted a black and white photo of himself on his Instagram account and revealed that he has been working on a new project which will be released through Metal Blade Records.

As you may remember, Nergal was the co-founder of the Polish extreme metal band Behemoth back in 1991 which released its debut album ‘Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)’ in April 1995. The album achieved critical acclaim and the band was doing quite well until it was joined by Venom and other bands to create the Temple of Fullmoon.

Nergal’s career as a member of the Temple of Fullmoon was short-lived as the band soon started actively supporting farright politics, which wasn’t Nergal’s cup of tea. After his decision to leave the band, the remaining members accused him of betrayal, and ultimately the growing tensions between Nergal and the frontman of the Polish National Socialist Black Metal band Graveland Rob Darken, lead to death threats.

However, it seems like Nergal wants to cherish his band’s debut album as he recently revealed that they have been working on its reissue which has led to the recovery of a lot of old recordings that have never been released before and even live songs. He told his fans to stay tuned and expressed his excitement about working on the reissue of ‘Sventevith.’

Here’s what Adam Darski said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Soooo as we work on ‘Sventevith’ reissue for Metal Blade Records more and more antique stuff are coming up… expect unreleased live songs from the mid-‘90s, some NEVER heard before songs from that era and mooooreeee…!🤘”

You can check out the photo that Negral posted on his Instagram account by clicking here.