The founder former frontman of Behemoth and co-founder of Me and That Man, Adam Nergal Darski, recently posted a photo of himself on his Instagram account and talked about his experiences as a leukemia patient while commenting on people who are against the COVID-19 vaccine.

As you may recall, Darski founded Behemoth back in the ’90s which then was joined by Venom and other bands to create the Temple of Fullmoon. However, as the Temple of Fullmoon soon started actively showing their support to far-right politics, Nergal distanced himself from the group because he had no interest in politics.

This led to a lot of problems with the group members who accused him of treason and betrayal and the growing tensions between Nergal and Rob Darken, who was the frontman of the Polish National Socialist Black Metal band Graveland, lead to death threats. As if these happenings were not stressful enough, in the summer of 2010, Nergal was diagnosed with leukemia, and he started slowly recovering after a year.

However, Nergal’s passion for music encouraged him to form a new band alongside John Porter, named Me and That Man, and they released their second album ‘New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1’ in March 2020. The album featured successful musicians such as Corey Taylor, Matt Heafy, Niklas Kvarforth, and many more.

Recently, Nergal posted a photo on his Instagram account which was taken two weeks after he was diagnosed with leukemia, and shared his views on the newly discovered COVID-19 vaccine which will hopefully prevent the increasing spread of the deadly virus, and help the world go back to normal. In the caption of his post, he talked about his experience as a chemotherapy patient and revealed what the people around him advised him to do.

Nergal said that even though there was no other choice, some people would still advise him not to take chemotherapy and try alternative medicine because chemotherapy would ruin his system. He added that his system was already messed up and that his decision was to listen to the doctors and follow their advice. He appropriated this experience to the current COVID-19 vaccine debates and said that it’s best to follow the doctors’ advice now too. He went on to say that the huge number of anti-vaccine folk doesn’t surprise him as  ‘the same uneducated mob voted for Trump, Duda, and PIS in Poland.’

Here’s what Adam Nergal Darski said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“10 years ago two weeks after I was diagnosed with leukemia. Before chemo, I had to get rid of some disturbing symptoms so they put me on steroids. I ate like a dog! Blood pudding was my favorite 🤓 Anyways, back then there still would be people advising me not to take chemo… try alternative medicine, chemo will ruin my system, etc. My system was already fucked. When the house is a total wreck you better destroy it and build a NEW one from the scratch. Well, I decided to listen to doctors and go for traditional treatment. And thanks to that I’m still around. It kinda reminds me about this big vaccine discussion today…

WHY not listen to science and doctors but shamans, populists, and idiots?

In the end, the decision is yours really. But I can’t be surprised by a huge number of anti-vaccine followers. The same uneducated mob voted for Trump, Duda, and PIS in Poland. The same mob infects social media with all the bullshit conspiracy theories and so on…”