Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith made an appearance on Triple M Hard N Heavy and talked about the influence of country music on Iron Maiden’s sound.

Adrian Frederic Smith is a guitarist mostly known as a member of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He joined the band first as a replacement for Dennis Stratton in 1980 but left ten years later. However, both he and the band’s former singer Bruce Dickinson made their way back into the band in 1999. Since then, the guitarist has continued to make musical efforts with the iconic heavy metal band.

During his recent appearance on the podcast Triple M Hard N Heavy, Adrian Smith talked about the band’s latest album ‘Senjutsu’ and the record’s first single ‘The Writing On The Wall.’ He claimed that the track has a folky and country sound which none of their songs had before.

Following that, Smith talked about this unusual country music influence on their music. He said that it was more English folk music that brought about American country music. The guitarist then claimed it is folky, not funky, and Iron Maiden would never make funk music. Moreover, Smith also mentioned Nicko McBrain and said he thinks he is the most incredible funk drummer.

Adrian Smith told Triple M Hard N Heavy about the country influence that:

“To me, it was more English folk. And if you look at the old English folk music, it probably came over to America hundreds of years ago, mixed up with Cajun, mixed up with blues, and then you have what you call American country music. To me, if you go right back to roots, it’s folkier, I feel.

Folky — not funky. If there’s one thing that Iron Maiden will never do, that’s funk. As much as I love it, but I don’t think we’ll ever do that. I can’t imagine Steve Harris slapping the bass. And Nicko McBrain is the most incredible funk drummer you’ve ever heard. He can do anything.”

Iron Maiden released their first studio album in six years, ‘Senjutsu,’ on September 3. The album is their seventeenth following 2015’s ‘The Book Of Souls.’ Before the release, Iron Maiden dropped the album’s lead single, ‘The Writing On The Wall,’ on July 15, along with a music video.

You can check out the song ‘The Writing On The Wall’ below.