Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith spoke in a recent interview with Cryptic Rock and remembered the days he quit and re-joined the band nine years later.

Back in 1990, Adrian Smith decided to leave Iron Maiden because he was unhappy about the direction that band is going after the ‘No Prayer For The Dying‘ album. After almost ten years, Adrian returned to the band with Bruce Dickinson.

In the recent conversation, Smith stated that he was a still kid when he decided to left Iron Maiden and mentioned that he had no experience in life besides being a guitarist in a band. He stated that he was living in his little world on his own.

Furthermore, Adrian pointed out that having a family and running a house gives people a different perspective. According to Smith, it was actually quite amazing being able to get back to Iron Maiden after many years. He mentioned that he had even more fun and managed to make things better the second time around.

Here is what Adrian Smith stated about the time he left Iron Maiden:

I’m actually in a unique position because I left Iron Maiden for nine years and then rejoined. When I was in the band the first time I was still a kid, really. I had no experience outside of being in a band to sort-of compare anything with; I used to get very introspective and I was in my own little world.

Having left the band, getting married, having kids, running a house, and being out in the real world, gives you a different perspective.”

He continued:

“Having a second chance to join the band again has been amazing. I’ve probably enjoyed it more the second time around, so I have been lucky in that respect.

I think I have been able to go back and do things a better way the second time around. I have enjoyed it more just from the benefit of having the time off and gaining a better perspective on it.”

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