Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith recently gave an interview to Metal Hammer in which he admitted that he hired singers who Iron Maiden had rejected in the past.

In November 1980, Adrian Smith joined Iron Maiden as a replacement for Dennis Stratton. He then left the band in 1990 and took a year-long hiatus following his short-lived solo project named ASAP. Later on, Smith formed his band Psycho Motel in 1995. Psycho Motel recorded two albums, but when Smith joined Bruce Dickinson on his 1997’s ‘Accident Of Birth,’ he decided to put the project on hold. 

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Adrian Smith stated that he had two singers in Psycho Motel, Hans-Olav Solli and Andy Makin. He then revealed that he recruited Solli after listening to Maiden’s audition tapes while they were looking for a replacement for Dickinson.

Moreover, Smith recalled that Maiden had boxes of CDs, cassettes, and other material sent to them for the auditions. The management decided to give them all to Adrian as he was looking for someone to recruit to his band Psycho Motel.

In the interview with Metal Hammer, Adrian Smith said the following:

“In Psycho Motel, I had two singers – the first was a guy called Hans-Olav Solli, who sang on our first album. I actually got him because Maiden gave me all the audition tapes they had when they were looking for a singer after Bruce left.

They obviously picked Blaze Bayley, but they had boxes and boxes of CDs, cassettes, and whatever of people trying out, and when I was looking for someone for my new band, the management said ‘here you go’ and gave them all to me.

Hans-Olav Solli was from the band Sons Of Angels, and I thought they were really good. The second guy was Andy Makin, who I thought had a really interesting voice.

Andy came over to help write the second Psycho Motel album, and we ended up completing it in like ten days, working at a pace of a song a day or so, and I still really like ‘A Quarter To Heaven.'”

Adrian Smith also told Metal Hammer that Andy Makin helped him with the writing of the second Psycho Motel album ‘Welcome To The World.’ As a result, they completed the album in a short time.