Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford talked about the future shows of the band during a recent appearance on Joe Bonamassa’s ‘Live From Nerdville.’

In the conversation, Brad pointed out that they are planning the tours for short terms in case something happens in the future and said that nothing is going to happen for a long time.

While Brad was saying that they are adding the Europen tours year by year, he also mentioned that he doesn’t even know what the other band members think about the future of the band.

Furthermore, Brad stated that he has doubts about the future of the shows because age is becoming a real factor for them and saddened the Aerosmith fans with this statement.

Here is what Brad Whitford said:

“The European tour, they tried to plan one last year, and they’re talking about next year. It’s a pipe dream right now. Nothing’s gonna happen for a long time. Sometimes I’m not sure what my partners are thinking when they think that’s gonna happen.

There’s another interesting thing about going to Europe now because of Brexit, it’s so much harder to get work visas because of that. That’s gonna be a whole other nightmare.

I mean, I have my doubts about Aerosmith ever really performing again at this stage, because age is becoming a real factor. And it is what it is.”

You can check out the full interview below.