Aerosmith’s Joe Perry talked to UCR in an interview and revealed his misconceptions about Prince.

Joe Perry is a musician and songwriter who is also the lead guitarist and the founding member of Aerosmith. As one of the best-selling hard rock bands, Aerosmith has sold over 150 million records worldwide. Since their formation in 1970, Aerosmith is still working on making music for their fans up to this day.

Apart from working with Aerosmith, Joe Perry also has a solo band named ‘The Joe Perry Project.’ With ‘The Joe Perry Project’ and by himself, he released several studio albums which were well-received by his fans. Moreover, Perry is also a member of the ‘Hollywood Vampires’ along with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Joe Perry revealed his thoughts on the talented musician Prince. He talked about the first time he saw Prince on the stage and said he didn’t consider him a guitar player back then. Perry then claimed that his thoughts changed when he encountered Prince’s stage performance in Berlin.

Joe Perry described Prince’s show as unique and said Prince had a really cool setup on the stage that day. He also revealed that he was really impressed by his guitar playing after seeing him perform a 45-minute solo. Perry noted that this was the time he realized he was really a guitar player.

Joe Perry told Ultimate Classic Rock that:

“I never really saw him as a guitar player. I saw pictures of him and I knew that he played but it wasn’t until we played with him in Berlin, it was the first annual MTV Awards maybe, or something like that, it was a big deal. They set it up at that big arch there with the four horsemen, and it was a really big deal and it was a long event.

Anyway, I wanted to go back and say hi to him, of course, by then he was surrounded by 300-pound guys, you just didn’t get close to him at that point. He was so private if he’s not on stage. My wife and I walked over to his trailer and told the guys who I was, and he came out and talked with us for a while.

He was really friendly, I think it might have been after his show, but that’s when he came out and he started the show with about a 45-minute ripping guitar solo. He had a really cool setup on stage, I think it was a Mesa Boogie head with three 2×12, kind of like parked together like a pyramid.

Everybody could hear it on the stage in the house, it was really unique, I’d never seen anybody set it up like that. In the audience, it sounded great. What impressed me the most was if he had to be just a guitar player, that would be it. He could rip it up with the best of them. That’s when I was really impressed with his guitar playing, and I think he was playing his ‘My name is not Prince but this is this is the shape of my guitar.’

And boy, that sounded great, his tone was spot on. That’s when I first realized he was really a guitar player.”

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