Aerosmith’s guitar legend Joe Perry was interviewed by Metal Hammer. He talked about his weirdest fan experience he’s ever had.

Here is the story:

“We were playing a show somewhere and everyone was having a good time, some kid had a prosthetic leg and he’s waving it about it the air. We looked at each other like ‘Oh, OK.’ And then suddenly it comes flying up onstage. It’s one thing to throw shoes up onstage, but your leg? It was actually his way of getting backstage because he came looking for it after the show. So we came over and signed it. That was the weirdest fun thing that ever happened.”

He also mention about most popular rumor about himself, including Stevie Nicks, who popular vocalist and song writer in 70’s. Joe Perry says:

“That Stevie Nicks was gonna have my kid, which was ridiculous as I hadn’t even met her at that point. It was so odd how the press ran with it as I was living with my wife and I didn’t even know this woman.”