Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was the recent interview guest of Jeryl Brunner of The Forbes and he revealed his old-time secret about his wife.

Jeryl Brunner:

“How do you prepare to go out on stage?”

Joe Perry admitted that he’s asking almost about everything to his wife, Billie Paulette Montgomery before walking on stage.

Here is what he said:

“It’s fascinating to see how different people get to that point. For me, if it’s a show day, it starts when I wake up. It’s kind of a countdown to the show when I have to walk out there. We usually do a meet and greet or an interview.

Then I like to spend the last hour or so playing my guitar, getting into the that space. Usually, by about halfway through the show, I start feeling like I’m playing as well as I can. So I like to get to that point. Whatever it takes. That hour before, whether it’s listening to the songs from the set or listening to some other band and I just have the play and get my fingers warmed up.

What also occupies that hour is asking my wife, Billie, what shirt I should wear. I don’t know what will work. She sees me in a different way than I see myself. She sees what I look like on the lights and what I’m going to move in better.

So I divide my time between that and playing my guitar. So usually I’m pretty psyched up by the time I walk on stage.”

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