Aerosmith’s legendary frontman, Steven Tyler’s lovely daughter, Mia Tyler posted a golden-worth photo of his dad and penned a really emotional letter to him.

Mia also shared the emotional details about how she and her family spent Christmas with Steven.

Here is what Mia Tyler wrote:

“I can’t stop looking at this photo. I don’t know if it’s his big smile or his big swag. It kinda reminds me of Christmas. The colors, the ornaments… As a kid, I always spent Christmas with my dad & that side of my family.

Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite holiday. I usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I thought… why only give me & Ax one month of Christmas joy, when we can have TWO full months? So the tree goes up today. His Lil face last year, when we put up the tree, was pure bliss, so I can only imagine it today when he walks through the door after school, seeing the tree up.

@ashsaller motivated me to get it going. Her family’s love for Christmas spilled over into my heart & seeing her baby’s faces the other daylight up made me excited to get it going. This life is way too short to not be as happy as can be whenever possible. And the three things that guarantee my happiness are 1. My Son 2. My family & 3. The holidays. Thank you @katbenzova_rockphoto photo for always capturing our Dads happy sweet soul.”

Steven Tyler reposted the photo and wrote this back:


You can see that emotional post right below.