The daughter of Aerosmith’s legendary frontman Steven Tyler, Mia Tyler has uncovered an unseen pregnancy picture of her in her latest throwback post while giving important advice that she has found out over the years.

The model and media personality, Mia Tyler, has shared a highly personal and special photo she took during her pregnancy, following after her sister Chelsea Tyler Foster, who posted a 9 months pregnancy picture of herself lately.

Has been sharing some of the most lovely and unique moments she has spent with her son Axton Joseph and her boyfriend Dan Halen on Instagram for a while now, Tyler revealed what she has been gone through since the pregnancy on her latest post.

Gave birth to Axton Joseph on May 10, 2017, Mia explained that Axton’s coming into her life changed her a lot. Mia Tyler admitted the fact that she has acquired a million life lessons going through some ups and downs since then. Has become stronger than ever, she added her advice to anyone in any situation that they shouldn’t force things as what is meant to be will be.

Here is what Mia Tyler said in her latest Instagram post:

“Throwing it way back. Since my sister Chelsea Tyler Foster posted a 9 months prego throwback. I thought I’d throw one in too. Since this pic I’ve moved two times and 3000 light years away. Went through a million life lessons.

Some ups, some downs and then a lot more ups. Let my castle crumble and rebuilt an empire ten times stronger. I have my lil Prince, my healthy Wolf Pack and my King champion beside me. My advice to anyone in any situation… don’t force things. What is meant to be will be. Take good care of your mind and heart first and the rest will follow.”

You can see the post below.