One of the finest musicians of all time, Aerosmith star Steven Tyler’s lovely daughter, Mia Tyler has shared a new photo that has a meaningful quote via her official Instagram account.

Mia Tyler usually shares similar emotional and depressive quotes on her social media account, and everyone is wondered why she is sharing these posts. Her friends started to think that she might has a psychological problem at all.

You can read the quote shared by Mia Tyler bellow:

“Definitely have kids so that you can lose your fucking mind and find your fucking heart.”

A user named nicolexoxonoel commented:

“I never knew what true love actually was or felt like until I had my son. His brother is due any day now.”

Another user named ltz_minz asked:

“What’s funny… I would have never used that kind of language before kids…”

You can see the post and other similar ones right below:

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“I believe our thoughts and words carry power – lots of it. How we think shapes how we act and feel. How we speak defines our personal world and thus the larger world. I believe everything no matter what state, can be tweaked and improved. Do you really want to believe you can’t get healthier, stronger, more vibrant? I sure don’t! Take a moment to think about the word “disease” – what comes to mind? What images appear in your head? Bet they are pretty negative and maybe pretty gross. For me the words fester and decay come to mind. Now think about “dis-ease.” How are your feelings different? In my mind, I envision something out of order with the ability to get back in order, back to a state of ease. The process seems easier, more manageable….and no gross images come to mind. It is a far more gentle way of thinking, one that seems less harsh to my body and mind. “Ease” is a positive word and I want this energy as part of my healthcare journey. That little hyphen seems pretty powerful now doesn’t it? Change your mind. Change your words. Change your world. Change the world.”

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