Aerosmith’s legendary frontman, Steven Tyler’s lovely daughter and a famous model and actress, Mia Tyler has revealed a new bizarre video on her official Instagram account.

In the video, Mia Tyler has made a Robot costume for Ax for his school Halloween parade. Also, she has written a really meaningful message with this video.

Here’s what she said:

“I love hot glue guns like I love men…. figure that one out.”

A user named michaelmahontattoo asked that:

“Strong, efficient, creative and hot AF?”

Mia responded:

“@michaelmahontattoo 😶.”

Another user named becollectiveemily said:

“Slightly dangerous with a side of ‘how have we not invented a better version of this shit yet?’”

Mia answered:

@becollectiveemily They always hurt me but I can’t live without them 😵🔫.”

You can watch the video right below.