The iconic frontman of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler’s lovely daughter, Mia Tyler shared a really touching depression photo of Janey Kaspari, on her official Instagram page today.

As you will read the photo below, there are lots of depressing sentences on it, and one of them is “I hate my body”.

Mia also wrote a long statement about the photo.

Here is what she said:

“Hi 👋🏼 just remember, in a sea of IG accounts with pastel filters, happy smiling babies and the perfect family scenarios, remember that THIS is a real truth. I rarely see anyone posting about the downsides.

And it always makes me feel a little shittier that I’m not all fake smiles and latte cups hand in hand in a leaf pile with my kid. But I just want every mom to know that it is 1000000% ok to feel any of these feelings. It’s ok to talk about. And you are not alone.

Momming is no joke sometimes. And as rewarding as it is, it’s also hard as fuck. So feel what ya need to and talk to someone if it gets too much. (Amazing photo by the incredible @janeykaspari)”

You can see Mia’s post right below.