Aerosmith legend Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry had a recent interview with Loudwire and shared his real thoughts on Hollywood Vampires icon Johnny Depp.

He paid his tribute to Johnny and said that most people not being aware of the fact that Johnny was a musician before he became an actor.

Here is what he said:

“We knew that there would be that aspect to it, certainly. In his world, he’s at the top. Unquestionably, he’s probably the most famous member of the band – but not for music.

A lot of people could say he’s just in the band as a fluke or as this week’s hobby or something, but he’s anything but.”

I was a fan of his movies and his work up until I met him, and we didn’t talk about movies or anything, it was always about guitars and music. We kind of exchanged tales about what we’ve done in our careers, I’ve always been fascinated about movie making, and I got to see him work on a couple of movie sets.

“But he’s really a musician. After the first couple of songs, people pretty much forget that he’s Jack Sparrow or Tonto or whatever. He’s Johnny Depp the musician, and that’s the real thing.”

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