A 40-years-younger girlfriend of Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler and almost 50K followed social media personality, Aimee Preston, has shared a new photo on her Instagram account and shared the sincere moments he had with Steven himself.

As you will see in the photo below, Steven is using an oxygen tube to get fresh air while they are hanging on the seaside. Some of the fans have noticed that Steven has shaved his iconic mustache after a long time.

However, Aimee did not want to spoil anything about the photo and left the rest to the imagination of the followers. She also did not forget to celebrate Father’s Day of her followers.

You can check out the caption of the post below.

“This is how you go on with your bad self. #happyfathersday 🖤”

An Instagram user named Matera commented on the post:

“It’s like going from Aerosmith to Aerosol. 😂 Just joking. 😂 Aimee you and Steve are amazing together. I’m immensely happy to see how beautiful you are together and how in love with each other. I unbelievably miss you guys!”

Another user, Namaste Reiki shared his opinion:

“I’m so glad he has you in his life please keep him safe as it looks like you’re doing the perfect social distancing.🙏

You can check out the latest image of Steven and Aimee below.

Update: After we published the article, we got an e-mail from a fan named Edie and he informed us that Steven is using a camelback filled with water, not an oxygen tube.