The daughter of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Mia Tyler has commented on the latest post of Corey Taylor by saying that the caption of the playlist that Taylor made has bothered her.

Corey Taylor has been highly productive in recent times since he is going to release a new album along with a new music video in which his girlfriend Alicia Taylor’s dance group Cherry Bombs will feature.

To promote his new music, Taylor has begun to take place in social media and music platforms frequently. Lastly, Corey has shared the playlist he made for Spotify that is named ‘Rock Hard.’

Together with lots of fans, the legendary musician Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia Tyler commented on Taylor’s announcement of the playlist on Instagram. She said jokingly that the name of the playlist ‘Rock Hard’ bothered her and some fans didn’t get her intention.

Some of Taylor’s fans said that Mia was too sensitive or was exaggerating the political correctness by perceiving the title of the list as a sexist phrase. However, Mia Tyler fixed the situation by explaining that she joked and some followers misunderstood her.

Here is what Corey Taylor said on his announcement about the playlist:

If you haven’t heard “Black Eyes Blue” yet, give it a listen at the top of Spotify’s Rock Hard playlist. Clicking the link in my bio will get you there. CMFT.”

Here is what Mia Tyler said on her joking comment:

“I’m slightly bothered by that headline.”

You can see Taylor’s Instagram post below.