Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler’s lovely daughter and known as a famous activist, Mia Tyler, shared a recent photo on her verified Instagram page and took fans’ attention to the important cause once again.

Mia Tyler did not write anything on the caption of the post and said in the picture that the crisis will reveal the characters of the people. Also, almost 2K people went to the like button of the post and shared what they think about the post she shared.

“Crisis doesn’t create a character.

It reveals it.”

An Instagram user named roses4charlotte commented on the post:

“So true💙 There is 1 person in my life who should be on the poster for that statement! When someone shows you who they really are believe them!!”

Another user named j.wium made the most-liked comment under the post:

“So true. Some are shining like shimmering stars and others have turned to shit 😝”

Mia Tyler follower named dragonqueenk9 wrote this:

“1000% truth. It also reveals who is truly by your side.”

Here is the latest Instagram post of Mia below.