One of the most talented music and documentary photographer/videographers of the era and also the founder of the Mission11 project, Katarina Benzova, has shared an unseen photo on her official Instagram page.

While she’s known as a perfect photographer, this time, she has shared a frame that was taken by Steven Tyler’s lovely girlfriend Aimee Preston, during their trip to Madrid in 2018. As Katarina shares the details of the photo, she also admitted that she was a smoker in those days, but she has managed to quit.

As the die-hard fans of Steven and Aerosmith will remember that he hit the road with Nashville’s Loving Mary Band as his backing group back in 2018. that was the first-ever tour of Tyler’s debut LP named ‘We’re Somebody From Somewhere’ in 2016.

After Katarina sends the photo, lots of fans took others’ attention to the fact that they’re traveling in a really modest looking jet that most of the stars wont bother to use.

Here is the caption of the post:

“Flashback to when smoking was cool and you could do it mid-air. 😬💨🚀

Now I’m neither smoking (yaaaay) or flying (boooo.) 💃🏻

This was on our way from Rome to Madrid in 2018 on Steven Tyler and The Loving Mary Band tour. Shot by Aimee Preston.

You can check out the photo of Steven and Katarina right below.