Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter and also 2.5 million followed social media phenomenon, Liv Tyler, was pretty silent on her official Instagram account for almost three weeks.

Today, Liv posted a recent post on her social media page and shared a meaningful message about the workers who fight with coronavirus on these tough days. She also added #CandlesForHeroes hashtag to the post to spread the message on social media.

Here is the caption of the post:

“THANK YOU !!!! to everyone working on the front lines during this incredibly difficult time. Please join us in saying thank by lighting a candle every night at 8pm #CandlesForHeroes”

An Instagram personality named patches013 wrote this:

“I will be doing this I 4 family members including 2 grandchildren under 18 years working in groceries. God bless them all. 🤗😇”

Another user, jenlilliantaylor1 shared her feelings:

“In Canada, it’s 730 every day since the pandemic started…we play music, bang on drums or pots…whatever you have that makes noise and it’s beautiful. We don’t need celebrities solidifying it for us.”

You can watch the latest video of Liv below.