Guitarist of Aeurosmith, Joe Perry talked in recent interview with Coachella Valley Weekly, and gave a major update about upcoming album of his other band named Hollywood Vampires, which featuring Alice Cooper and Johhny Depp.

Hollywood Vampires’ second album “Rise” will be released on June 21 via earMUSIC. Here’s what Joe said about that album:

We’re really excited about the new record, there’s no doubt. After the last one, we went out and played pretty much the whole record. It was a cover-record kinda thing, but we knew that the band, when we hit the stage, we knew the band had a lot more to it than just covering some great old songs and paying homage to some of our friends that have passed away.

We were really excited about finally getting in the studio and writing some new stuff and then going out and playing it live. Alice is amazing to play with. Again, everybody has had tons of time in the studio. Johnny’s been working in and out of the studio for years, everybody has. Really, it’s about getting on stage and playing live.

We actually played quite a few songs from the new record on the last tour. We’ll probably play seven or eight songs off the new record for this tour.”

Click here for the entire interview. You can listen to the first single track of Hollywood Vampires’ new album below.