Aerosmith and Hollywood Vampires guitarist, Joe Perry, recently posted a photo of Rupert Neve on his Instagram account and paid tribute to the electronics engineer whose work lives on in uncountable recordings of music in every genre.’

Joe Perry is without a doubt one of the most successful guitarists of all time and he achieved worldwide fame as the co-founder, lead guitarist, and vocalist of the legendary rock band Aerosmith. However, Perry also started a solo band in 1979 and is currently an active member of the all-star group Hollywood Vampires that he co-founded.

The 70 years old rockstar who has been in the rock scene since the 1970s has had the chance to work with numerous influential figures on stage and behind the scenes. In his recent Instagram post, Perry paid tribute to a legend who has touched the lives of so many musicians of every genre.

Rupert Neve was an entrepreneur and electronics engineer who contributed immensely to the development of recording equipment which in turn elevated the quality of the music produced. He was especially famous as a pioneer designer of professional audio recording equipment and Perry referred to him as a person whose genius lives on in the music that we all listen to without knowing who the secret hero behind it is.

Here’s what Joe Perry said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“His legend and genius live on in uncountable recordings of music in every genre. Amazing how one man can touch so many lives in a good way and yet most people won’t know who he is… but we do! RIP Rupert Neve.”

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