Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has made a new announcement on his Instagram account and showed the new guest for the next episode of Janie’s Fund’s live Instagram broadcast.

Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund is created by Steven himself and it’s in partnership with Young Villages to bring hope and healing to girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect.

Steven announced that Kristin Dattilo, who played as ‘Janie’ in the official music video of Aerosmith song ‘Janie’s Got A Gun,’ will be the new guest of the singer’s live chat show.

In the photo, Steven and Kristin gave a very sincere pose to show how happy they are in this rare frame, especially Kristin with his heartwarming smile. However, Steven’s girlfriend Aimee Preston did not want to comment or like the post of Steve.

Here’s the official statement from Steven on Instagram:

“Kristin Dattilo, who portrayed ‘Janie’ in the music video for ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’, speaks with ‘Janie’s Fund’ tonight on Instagram live at 5 pm pst! 📷”

A fan named Lisa commented:

“I cannot wait to hear you both speak! Truly, thank you from the bottom of my ❤️, God Bless.”

You can reach the official Instagram post below.

You can watch the official music video of ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’ below, if you want to see the prime of Kristin Dattilo.