The legendary frontman of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler posted an amazingly harmonious picture on his Twitter account and shared some advice about life. Highly active and productive on social media platforms, Tyler shared a moment from his current lifestyle right now during the pandemic.

Wearing his mask, gloves, and the most fashionable piece which is a skirt made by a bloomy towel, Steven proved that he still rocks with his outfit even when he is barely known from the mask covering his face.

In addition to his fun outlook that put a smile on his fans’ faces during these hard days, Tyler had things to say which can make life easier. He crowned the post by giving some fundamental advice and said:

“A PSA from me & mine & Gordon… From our local grocery supreme… Love is love reflected… Stop livin’ on the edge…

This isn’t a one-way street… It’s not a hard task… Wear a mask!!!”

You can see Tyler’s post below.