Mia Tyler, frontman of the iconic band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler‘s daughter, shared a post on her official Instagram page, it was a ‘complete this sentence’ sort of post and Tyler left an ambiguous comment about ‘Kiss’ under her own post by replying to a fan’s statement.

Mia Tyler may have a number of professions like acting, modeling, and designing for fashion yet her fans are thrilled to see her official Instagram page since Tyler often shares her adorable son Axton and happy pictures with her current boyfriend, thus, her fans get the chance to see her blooming every single day.

Often times, Mia Tyler usually shares inspirational quotations on her official Instagram account, recently she shared a post that gave her fans the opportunity to be interactive since the quotation had a blank to be filled by the fans in the comments section with something they love.

Here is what Tyler posted:

“Complete this sentence:

Everyone who knows me, knows I love ___.”

While her fans commented on the post and mostly stated random things like food, dogs, sports, and music, a fan said ‘kiss’ and Mia Tyler actually replied to that fan’s comment and strictly stated that she would never love ‘kiss.’ The issue here is whether ‘kiss’ is referring to the iconic band ‘KISS’ or it simply meant kissing since neither the fan nor Tyler made any further explanation about the comments, we apparently will never know.

Here is what the fan said:


Here is how Tyler replied:


You can see the Instagram post below.