Aerosmith’s iconic frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter, Mia Tyler, took to her official Instagram account to share an untold story that happened this day and revealed the most important day of her life.

In the caption, Mia stated that her life began after she learned about her pregnancy and admitted that having a child made her a better person compared to the past. Moreover, Mia said that she also quit smoking on the same day and explained why this is the most important day of her life.

As you can see in the picture below, Mia shared a censored picture of her son, Axton Joseph, and showed how perfect kid he is. They were chilling in the kitchen, and Axton was smiling while posing for the camera at the same time.

This picture of Axton was so cute that almost 10K people liked the post for less than ten hours, and most of the fans headed to the comment section to share their goodwill and prayers for Mia.

Here is what Mia Tyler captioned:

“4 years ago today I found out I was pregnant. That was the day my life began. I remember the girl I used to be. I like the me he made me now way better though.

Also the day I quit smoking. So double yay!”

You can check out the post below.