Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler’s daughter, Mia Tyler, has shared her one of the most terrifying moments of her motherhood on Instagram and showed how hard it can be to be a mother.

As Mia stated in, she woke up to a watermelon being placed next to her head and heard a voice that says ‘I want to cut it.’ Mia stated that this moment was the most terrifying moment of her motherhood so far and proved that it is not easy to be a mother in these times.

Here is what Mia Tyler wrote:

“I woke up to a watermelon being placed next to my head and a voice saying, ‘I want to cut it.’ Most terrifying moment of motherhood so far.

Also… I just watched a show about a mechanical chicken car that became a spaghetti thief because it lost its picnic basket. Parenthood is an acid trip.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Mia Tyler – Instagram

Over a month ago, Mia Tyler has shared a new post on her official Instagram page and showed how kind-hearted person she is.

In the post, she was looking for charitable people to make everybody sleep better in the coronavirus outbreak and stated that everybody should help each other to get through these rough times easily.

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