Aerosmith’s legendary frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter, Chelsea Tyler, has shared a very cute photo of herself with her newborn son, Vincent Frank Foster, via her official Instagram account.

On Friday, Feb 21, Chelsea Tyler and her bandmate and husband, Jon Foster had announced they welcomed their first child together, a son named Vincent Frank Foster.

Today, Chelsea Tyler posted a very sweet photo with her newborn baby on Instagram and celebrated the birthday of her own 31st and her son’s 2nd week of him with an emotional message.

Here’s what she wrote with this photo:

“Today my son is 2 weeks old and I’m 31 years. Kinda feels like my first birthday tho. Definitely the best birthday ever.

Here’s the first moment I held him. And here’s how I feel today. Thanks, everyone for the birthday love. Sending big love back from my family to you 🖤”

Also, Mia Tyler has shared a really rare photo of herself with her sister Chelsea Tyler on Instagram and celebrated 31st birthday with a touching message.

Here’s the birthday message of Mia Tyler:

“Happy birthday to my sweet dear Top Banana sister thang @chelsannat I’ll always remember my first birthday as a mom. It was like it was my first birthday.

The most special. Today we celebrate 31 goes around the sun, 31 moons in the sky. But also happy 2 weeks being reborn at what will inevitably, if not already is, be the most important day of your life thus far.

I’m babbling. Point is happy fun birthday Lil sis. I love you beyond measure. I’m so proud of you. And I hope, no, I know you’re having the best bday yet!”

You can see the Instagram post of them right below.