The legendary Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s lovely daughter Mia Tyler continues to post special messages during the coronavirus outbreak we are facing these days.

As she already sends her recommendations as a short letter for some time, Mia advised her followers to mind their own business and stay low while they are trying to protect themselves from the COVID-19.

As not usual, Mia did not want to write anything on the caption of the photo. This latest post of Mia got almost 2K likes in a short time.

Here is what’s written on the picture:

“Vibe high, stay low-key, mind your own business, be respectful, and take no shit.”

An Instagram user named pagsta commented on the post:

“What a fiasco smh! Use your head stay wise to stay vigilant Boston Strong #curfew9pm-6am.”

Another user named gracefalls wrote this:

“Amen! Do no harm, but take no shit. Smile at people… It’s fucking free! Spread hope, joy, love….. not germs and bad vibes!”

You can check out the photo right below.