Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler’s lovely girlfriend and well-known social media influencer, Aimee Preston, posted a recent photo on her Instagram page and penned a touching letter to black people.

As you might already know, the whole world is crying after George Floyd who was murdered by racist police, and the whole community is sending new stuff to mourn his tragic death these days.

Aimee, like others, shared an emotional post on her social media account and emphasized with black people penning a touching letter.

Here is that emotional letter of Aimee:

“Yes. And I will fight for you with my face… With the simple white color of my fucking skin…I will be your shield while we fight this good fight… I will protect your life with my skin until the day comes where it is safe for you to be alive inside the perfect color of yours!

I am not black, but I see you. I am not black, but I hear your. I am not black, but I mourn with you. I am not black, but I will fight for you. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #BLACKLIVESMATTER! 🖤”

An Instagram user named mcc_daddy73 commented:

“The sign should say, ALL LIVES MATTER. One world ❤️. We all Bleed 🩸.”

Another user, adayinthelifeofjenna, wrote this:

“You can say that when black people, poc, etc. are all finally equal, my friend. Now’s not the time.”

You can see Aimee’s latest post right below.