In a recent Instagram post, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler’s actress daughter Liv Tyler has posted a photo of her sister, Chelsea Tyler Foster, to celebrate Chelsea’s newborn baby.

Liv penned down a really simple message and sent her good wishes to little sister in a heartwarming way. Here’s what she wrote for the couple:

“Baby sister @chelsannat @jonfoster 💗 love growing 💗”

Unfortunately, fans confused after that photo because they thought that Liv is pregnant again. I found some of the comments that thinking in that way. Here’s one of them:

“Are you pregnant again? Congratulations”

Another fan named Daisy cleared the air:

“That’s not Liv people, that’s the lady she has tagged”

Another fan named Nabila commented:

“Oh my, she looks amazing. It’s incredible! Everybody is pregnant. (Including me) first-time moms everywhere this 2020!!!! ❤ Congratulations Chelsea!”

Check out the Instagram post below.