The daughter of Aerosmith’s iconic frontman Steven Tyler and also best known for her portrayal of Arwen Undomiel in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mia Tyler, took to her official Instagram acccount today and showed off her new clothes and shoes to her followers.

Liv’s recently sent shoes and clothes were designed by Givenchy’s Creative Director Matthew M. Williams who has more than 450K followers on social media. While some of the fans adored the marginal look of Liv’s recently designed shoes, on the other hand, some of them mocked by likening them to goat horns.

Givenchy and Matthew did not forget to send a COVID-19 protector for Liv too. Anyway, the latest photos of Liv Tyler got 70K plus likes in less than a day and one of the users who liked the post was her sibling Chelsea Tyler Foster.

Here is what Liv Tyler wrote in the caption of the post:

“Welcome to Matthew Williams and Givenchy Official. So excited to be one of the first to wear your beautiful designs. 💗 Love you Givenchy sooooo much. 🥰”

A user named Edwards mocked the shoes by writing that:

“Those shoes 😍 hopefully no mountain goats were harmed. 😂”

You can check out the photo to decide whether it’s good or not.