Aerosmith’s daughter, the world-famous actress and activist Liv Tyler, posted a photo with her two children and revealed that she was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the last day of 2020 and spent two weeks in isolation away from her kids.

As you probably know, Liv Rundgren Tyler is an American former model, producer, and actress who is most famous for her success in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy with her portrayal of Arwen Undómiel. Even though she is now very close to her father Steven Tyler, that was not the case until she was 11 years old.

Liv is the only daughter of Bebe Buell who lived with rock musician Todd Rundgren from 1972 until 1979, but had a brief relationship with Steven Tyler in 1976. When she found out she was pregnant to Liv, Bebe claimed that Todd Rundgren was her child’s father. Although his relationship with Bebe had ended, Rundgren still signed Liv’s birth certificate and acted as a father figure, and even paid for her education.

However, when Liv was 11, she met Steven Tyler and suspected that he was her father, which was soon confirmed by her mother. However, Bebe added that the main reason she didn’t reveal it earlier was that Tyler had a big drug addiction problem back then and she didn’t want her daughter around him. However, after finding out, Liv and Steven Tyler developed a close relationship and Liv even changed her last name to Tyler, while keeping Rundgren as a middle name.

Now Liv Tyler has her own family and has a very close relationship with her 5-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. In her recent Instagram post, she talked about the hard couple of weeks she had during which she was not allowed to be close to her children, after being diagnosed with COVID-19. She said that she wanted to make her story public in order to support the cause of gathering facts, raising awareness, and emotionally supporting people who are dealing with COVID-19.

Here’s what Liv Tyler said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“Reunited with my loves… what a wild 2 weeks. I’m such a private and shy person and usually don’t share such things but this is a big one and I feel we all need to share our stories, to share information, to gather facts and awareness, and mostly to know we are not alone in this.

I tested positive for COVID-19 on New Year’s Eve day. Shit, I had made it all the way through 2020 keeping myself and my family safe. Doing everything I could to protect my wolf pack and follow the rules to protect others. Suddenly on the morning of the last day of 2020… boom, it took me down. It comes on fast, like a locomotive. Ouchie. With it feelings of fear, shame, and guilt swirling through you, who could you have gotten it from and who could you have infected…Terrifying.”

She went on to say:

“Luckily the rest of my family and bubble were negative 🙏🏽 There are so many strange elements to this sickness. It affects everyone so completely differently. I was so lucky and had corona light as my momma Bebe Buell called it, but It floored me for 10 days in my bed. There are the physical aspects but also emotional and psychological ones too. It Fs with your body and mind equally. Every day different. Being isolated in a room alone for 10 days is trippy, to say the least. Waking up to the news of our capital being under attack. Was it real or the twilight zone? Ohhh no it was real!!! 😱 The first days of 2021 have been scary for everyone in the world. The unknown is so great. I missed my babies beyond but they visited my window and called up to me and I watch them play outside. Such a gift. They sent little messages and drawings under my door. Reminders of whats on the other side. What to get better for.

I am so grateful to be through it and spent my days alone praying and beaming love to all who are affected and suffering from this. Those who are working tirelessly to protect and care for others. Thank you. We are all connected through this experience. I am humbled and filled with gratitude. To be well, a gift and beaming love and light to all those who have left this world because of this virus and those who are suffering. Sending love and imaginary universal hugs to all.”

You can check out the photo that Liv Tyler posted on her Instagram account by clicking here.