Yesterday, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry appeared in the recent live show of Billy Joel in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

He was rushed to the hospital after the his live performance of “Walk This Way”.

TMZ has revealed the report of the incedent, here:

“Paramedics rushed to the scene and worked on the 68-year-old for around 40 minutes in his dressing room. We’re told they put a tracheal tube down his throat to clear the air path. There was panic in the dressing room, and one eyewitness says ‘Joe did not look good.’

Paramedics put the famed Aerosmith guitarist on a stretcher, gave him oxygen and rushed him to a hospital.

We’re told Billy Joel was still on stage in the final minutes of his concert and was unaware of the emergency. Paramedics and security had to clear a path to get out of MSG because there were so many people around.”

You can watch the video of the last night’s performance from below.

Click here to full report of TMZ.