The lead guitarist and the founder of Aerosmith, Joe Perry, has paid his tributes to Jimi Hendrix and expressed his heartfelt wishes 50 years after the legend’s death. In his Instagram post, Perry additionally put his sorrow into words by declaring today to be a ‘very sad day.’

The classic musician, singer and songwriter Jimi Hendrix has long been a revolutionary name and has maintained his legacy decades after his death. His career years lasting only for a short time, it was enough to carry Hendrix from a rock star to a global icon.

His sensational presence and works as his gift to the succeeding generation, Hendrix has been influential for many great musicians and songwriters. Under the navigation of such an icon, Joe Perry has taken a part in the recent mourning, speaking furthermore of Jimi’s wisdom and his unprecedented guidance.

Here is what Perry stated regarding the commemoration:

“Today is a sad day, 50 years ago the genius of electric guitar passed, way too soon. Some times I think he was just passing thru. Left us and thru his brilliance, showed us how he saw the world and moved on. He made music never heard before and and we’ll never hear again, but thru his music he’ll be with us forever… Rock on JIMI.”

The world-wide participation of Hendrix’s commemoration 50 years later his decease remarks his path of perseverance and accomplishment as well as his golden crown in the history of music shining ever brighter with every passing year.

You can check out Perry’s post below.