The lead guitarist and founder of Aerosmith, Joe Perry took to Instagram to wish a happy birthday to his friend Don Henley and Perry’s fans confused Henley with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Perry posted a picture of him with Don Henley, who is the founding member and co-lead vocalist of the band Eagles, and celebrated the birthday of his old friend. Joe Perry explained how talented Henley is and how his cover of the song ‘Amazing’ from ‘Get a Grip‘ album was admirable.

However, the major part of Perry’s followers admitted in the comments that they thought Perry shared a picture of himself with actor and businessman Arnold Schwarzenegger. They swore that they thought it was Arnold at first sight. After they remarked their confusion, the followers didn’t forget to wish a happy birthday to Don Henley.

Here is what Joe Perry said on his Instagram post:

“Happy Birthday to old friend Don Henley. Talented guy and even sang on “Amazing” from Get a Grip. He put that song over the top for sure!”

You can see the post below.