Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter, Mia Tyler, has shared a video from the day Steven joined a TV show in Japan on her official Instagram account and revealed the fabulous moments with her father in the show.

As you watch the video below, Steven joined a show on television, and he was trying out some traditional food. During the show, Mia appeared without any sign, and Steven was stunned by this surprise. Mia wrote in the caption that this wasn’t her intention, however, it becomes a really good moment for her life.

In six hours, Mia’s post viewed over 8.000 times and rising quickly. Also, the followers headed to the comment section and shared their opinion.

Here is what Mia Tyler wrote:

“I was more excited to be wearing my CM Punk hoodie on Japanese TV than actually being on Japanese TV. However, I loved being in Japan the most!

One of the coolest places I’ve been to. Thank you Rin Yosh for posting this oldie but goodie. Ps Taiyaki is the best treat on the planet!”

A fan named Debra added this comment:

“I’m going to Japan for the first time in September!! I can’t wait. #1 on my bucket list!”

Another fan named Alina Rose said:

“Dude I am dying that it had cut off sleeves 🤣 I fucking love you ❤️”

You can check the post below.