The legendary singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, has continued to share bizarre video belong to himself via his official and verified Instagram page.

In the recent Instagram post, Steven Tyler was preparing for the Aerosmith’s upcoming Las Vegas concert and showing funny moments he had at the backstage. The video was taken by his social media director, Justin McConney.

The video of Steven Tyler has reached around 35.000 likes in four hours and his fans left some funny comments in the post.

Here’s what he captioned with the video:


 #DEUCESAREWILD @aerosmith @liveatmgm
🎥 @justinmcconney.”

An Instagram user named chilliibunni commented:

“Friedrich Malle perfumes are high potent!! You sprayed like that….what a beast.”

Another user named b_and_bee_ wrote this:

“My daughter LOVES rocking out to your music! Whenever she cries I put it on and she instantly stops 😍.”

You can watch the strange video of Steven Tyler right below.