Aerosmith star Steven Tyler was the recent guest of the Fox Business and he revealed that he is sober for eight years. One of the well-known superfans on social media, Thomas Peck posted Steven’s photo from the ‘Fox Business’ interview.

As you might see from the photo below, Aerosmith legend claimed that he didn’t use any drug since 2011.

Here is what’s written in the caption:

“Congratulations Steven Tyler on 8 years back clean and sober!

A user named big_ro69 commented and said that:

“So handsome❤️”

Check out the photo below.

Last month, Aerosmith’s legendary frontman, Steven Tyler’s lovely daughter, Mia Tyler posted a golden-worth photo of his dad and penned a really emotional letter to him.

Mia also shared the emotional details about how she and her family spent Christmas with Steven.

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