The legendary frontman of the rock band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has posted a fan-made video in which he plays all of the heroes in the Marvel universe by calling it the ‘Tyler cut.’

The great musician Steven Tyler has been sharing some of the amazing memes his fans made for him lately. Weeks ago, he posted a collage that shows monthly moods based on his various facial expressions. Some of the shots were taken by his photographer Ross Halfin, who gave an interview about Tyler a short time ago.

Later, Tyler shared another fan-made work, which is a video compiled by several footages of him while washing his hands or moving away from the camera. His fans creatively put the message of taking precautions against the coronavirus.

Recently, Steven Tyler has added one more meme-like video to his feed. He has posted a video in which his face is photoshopped into every Marvel hero and said, referring to all of the characters he played, that they are all living on the edge. Steven named this hilarious video the Tyler cut.

Here is what Steven Tyler said in his latest Instagram post:

“Let’s face it… We are all livin’ on the edge!!! Release the Tyler cut.”

You can see the post below.