Iconic Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has uploaded a hilarious video on his official Instagram page and made an important announcement about the social distancing over the coronavirus epidemic.

As we all know, COVID-19, popularly known as a coronavirus, first appeared in Wuhan, China and is continuing to spread rapidly all over the world. People started to quarantine themselves and keep their social distances to prevent this spread.

As you might see in the video footage, you can notice that Steven Tyler harassed his bandmates by licking or kissing while at several concerts. Steven advised people to quarantine themselves and stay socially distant, as opposed to his behavior in the video.

Here’s what Steven Tyler wrote:

“#beatthevirus Be safe! Follow the rules! Practice social distancing! Do as I say, not as I do in this video!”

Photographer Zack Whitford commented and said:

“This is good 😂”

Another fan named drs761 wrote:

“Stay safe babe we need you ❤️ Stop licking people for a while.”

See the Instagram photo below.