The legendary singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, has shared a bizarre video of himself via his official and verified Instagram page.

In the video, Steven Tyler was wearing an interesting leopard-printed bathrobe, and he made a theatrical speech to the camera by calling his performance as ‘Walk Of Shame.’

Here is what Steven Tyler said in the video before he started his walk of shame:

“This definitely the day after, the night before. And what a day was! How we pulled it off? No one will ever know.”

Here’s what he captioned with the post:


A fan named Niki Lena commented and said this to Steven:

“You are the coolest human being I’ve ever seen!”

Another fan named John Doyle wrote this:

“Keep em coming, Steven…Your Truly A very Unique Dude…😀”

You can watch the video of Steven Tyler right below.

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